Q: Tell us about your practice

A: I make fantastical art using humble everyday objects and subjects.

Q: In your Quarantine Blues series, you talk about “rendering a hopeful future without disregarding the mess of the present and past,” where have you been drawing hope from these days?

A: Myself. Life is hard but I only have power over myself, my actions, and my thoughts. I'm constantly learning to master myself. This gives me hope to carry on because at the end of my life, I will be parting with this body and mind I occupy. Eventually, I want to leave this vessel on good terms. 


Q: Your work conveys a strong sense of community - particularly with your family. What drew you to collaborating with them as part of your practice?

A: My work conveys my perspective of being alive in this timeline. It reflects my lived experiences and questions of being in the world. I enlist my family because I come from them. They are my origin.


Q: What has been inspiring you lately?

A: Life. Life is challenging and I'm relying on myself to get through and understand it. I'm thankful for the ability to reflect and create something as a result of my experience and questioning in the world. I'm actively learning to live an efficient and simple life so that I can make complicated work.


Q: What's next for you?

A: More life. I'm thankful to be alive and I long to experience life outside of the confinement of quarantine.


"The bizarre scenarios portrayed in Leonard Suryajaya’s work are often performed by members of his own biological family. A work in our personal collection by Suryajaya depicts his mother staged theatrically as a Bodhisattva with his sister, aunt, and uncle filling in for her many sets of arms. This practice is so personal and so specific to his identity and has translated to a style of work that is unmistakably his own. This is what I look for as a collector and what I encourage my clients as an art advisor."



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