Tidawhitney Lek

Tidawhitney Lek (b. 1992, Long Beach, CA) is a Cambodian-American painter living and working in Long Beach, CA. Her work plays with narrative and the Asian experiences of first-generation Americans.

Erica Mao

Erica Mao (b. 1994) is a New York City based painter and sculptor. Mao received her BFA from the Parsons School of Design (2016) and MFA from Columbia University (2020).

Yoora Lee

Yoora Lee (b.1990 in South Korea) is a Chicago-based artist. Yoora received a B.F.A in painting from Gachon University in South Korea, and recently graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago with an M.F.A in Painting and Drawing.

Saad Qureshi

Saad Qureshi is an artist born in 1986 in Bewal, Pakistan; lives and works between Oxford and London.

Dominique Fung

Dominique Fung (b. 1987, Ottawa, Canada) lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She received a BAA from Sheridan College Institute of Technology in Toronto, Canada.

Ho Jae Kim

Ho Jae Kim (b. 1993, Seoul, South Korea), lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Ho Jae Kim received a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 2016.

Hiejin Yoo

Hiejin Yoo (b. 1987) was born in Münster, Germany and currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

Tammy Nguyen

Tammy Nguyen is a multimedia artist whose work spans painting, drawing, printmaking and book making. Born in San Francisco, Nguyen received a BFA from Cooper Union in 2007.

Nadia Waheed

Nadia Waheed (b. 1992, Saudi Arabia) lives and works in Austin, TX. She graduated with a BFA in Painting & Drawing from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2015.

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