Kiki Wang

April 13, 2021
Tell us about your practice.
Coming from a culture where people believe capitalism is the devil, I am interested in looking at advertisements for luxury objects such as handbags, loafers, etc. 
I believe that this guilty pleasure is the driving force for me to depict the objects that I am longing for, and also a way to explore how and why consumerism has an eerie effect.
What is the significance of the items that are in your paintings?
The work portrays objects of desire in a strangely economic fashion, creating a paradox of scale and location to question the total being of luxuries. Contrary to their usual representations, the work is depicted in an “in your face” manner; handbags, watches, and garments are represented in an intimate size, so much so that the appearance and integrity of these luxury items are in turn compromised. Investigated here is the possibility of transformation between non-valuable and luxury, and the multiplicities of fictions and realities.
What’s next for you?
I am preparing for my upcoming solo exhibition in London and also a group exhibition in China.

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