Q: Tell us about your practice

A: I am interested in the physicality of the body, and how our human experiences, both online and offline are being reshaped in the current moment. I see the figures in my paintings often as extensions of myself. Recently, many of them appear quite dreamy, introspective and restless.

Q: You talk about finding the local within the global in your figurations. Has that perspective changed during this pandemic?

A: Having lived between Singapore and the UK for the last 7 years now, I always try to keep a fresh eye. But although I’ve been in Singapore for more than a year now due to the pandemic, I am always somehow finding new material for my works, both online and offline.


Q: What has been inspiring you?

A: Daily routines such as my swims and night runs help me focus and allow me to transform the mundane moments of everyday life into a site of spectacle in my head.

Q: What's next for you?

A: I’m working on a solo presentation for the Armory Show later this year, 
if COVID allows, as well as another solo in November. But as these projects are all overseas, its quite hard to say now if they will actually materialise as the situation is always changing. For now I’m just happily painting in studio!


"We first got to know Alvin Ong while he was at the Royal College of Art in London. We invited him to do a portrait of our granddaughter to celebrate her first month. We are drawn to his exaggeration of the body forms within body forms causing the viewer to survey his works with curiosity and delight. His experimentation with different body tonal colour creates moods giving his paintings imposing narratives."



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