Q: Tell us about your practice

A: My practice as of late has been a way to articulate my own experiences through time — trying to make sense through a reality under constant transition.

To represent this idea of momentary or fleeting sensations, I have been depicting scenes and environments that oscillates between reality and illusion. It is this constant negotiation between the two that I find interesting to explore through creating the work.


Q: The distorted and abstract elements have become increasingly prominent in your work over the years. Is there any particular reason for the shift?

A: The abstract elements were a natural occurrence in the evolution of my work. In order to question the idea of what reality I was presenting; I became interested in disrupting the image with a visual language that felt more instinctual and that spoke to a more improvisational way of working.


Q: What has been inspiring you lately?

A: I am currently finishing up preparations for my show at Half Gallery that will be opening on April 8th. And then I will start getting ready for another solo show this fall (2021)!


“The first time I saw Anna Park's work in her studio at NYAA, I had so many emotions simultaneously. It was a combination of wonderment, confusion, shock, and empathy. She is such a versatile artist in terms of how she seamlessly blends abstraction and figuration, the real and the imaginative. 
I am constantly discovering new details, faces, or stories in her work and that makes it all exciting to own her works.”


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