Voices of the Diaspora Symposium

In an afternoon organized by the Asian American Pacific Islander Arts Network, ARTNOIR, and The Here And There Collective, artists, art historians, and curators discuss the ways that their identity shapes their lives and creative practices. Panelists address how artists of various diasporas navigate existing systems and band together for cultural code switching, when excluded from the art market. These conversations demonstrate that collectives can catalyze cultural innovation, while individual artists can give nuance to identity expressions through their studio practice, and systems can shift towards more visibility for marginalized artists in the mainstream art world. Panels are introduced by independent curator, writer, and art historian, Danielle Shang.

Slow and Sweaty

Slow and Sweaty is a group exhibition featuring works by artists who has practices that engage with performance, movement, or meditative states in relation to nature and the outdoors.

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