Slow and Sweaty

Spring Hill Arts Gathering
292 Bee Brook Rd
New Preston, CT 06777
June 22-25, 2023
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The Here and There Collective is proud to present Slow and Sweaty, a group exhibition featuring works by AYDO Studio, Antonius-Tîn Bui, Dana Davenport, Hong Hong Studio, Sareh Imani, Sara Jimenez, Umber Majeed, and Anna Ting Möller. Each of the artists in this exhibition has practices that engage with performance, movement, or meditative states in relation to nature and the outdoors. The exhibition shares works that emphasize these connections as tools to highlight leisure, relaxation, and levity as methods of defiance and resuscitation during moments of collective hardship.
Artwork: Sareh Imani, When the wind dies down, and the rain grows gentle, 2023. Image courtesy of the artist.

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