SaveArtSpace x THAT - Reinventing Asia Futurism

New York City
August 12, 2024

SaveArtSpace x THE HERE AND THERE COLLECTIVE is pleased to announce our open call focused on artists from the Asian Diaspora. We invite artists and creatives to submit new or previously shown works for this iteration of SaveArtSpace. The following call is organized by Rosa Chang with the support of The Here and There Collective.

Reinventing Asia Futurism, invites artists to submit works that explore what an “Asian” aesthetic is through a recontextualization, questioning, and/ or denouncement of such associations. Artists are encouraged to address how Asian identities can shape and be shaped by culturally and technologically advanced futures, and how these identities evolve within the larger global context. Historically, concepts such as techno-Orientalism have fed into stereotyped or exoticized depictions, portraying Asian countries as technologically advanced yet culturally alien.

This open call aims to subvert these outdated notions and highlight the complex realities of Asian futurity. As contemporary global dynamics shift, the interconnectedness of Asian communities in shaping their futures becomes more intricate and multifaceted, inviting a deeper exploration of historical, cultural, and technological contributions. Any artist who self-identifies as part of the Asian Diaspora is welcome to apply.

We invite artists of all ages and talents to submit their artwork between June 25 and August 12, 2024. This is an opportunity to have your work placed on ad space in New York City.

Open call for art ends August 12, 2024. There is a $10 donation per image submission to participate, each donation is tax deductible and goes to producing the public art. Selected artists will be announced after August 26, 2024. Public art will be installed September 23, 2024 in New York City.

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