We’re a non-profit organization committed to highlighting and supporting art practitioners from the Asian diaspora.

Artist Features

Dylan Rose Rheingold

June 19, 2024


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June 19, 2024


THAT Open Studio with Justin Han

June 19, 2024

Artist Features

Our feature series provide a peek into artist’s practices through interviews, live conversations, and show walkthroughs. Since January 2021 we have featured 100+ artists from various Asian diasporas. That includes over 80 studio visits/show walkthroughs in collaboration with 40+ galleries and institutions.

THAT Studio Residency

THAT Studio Grant focuses on giving early-career artists the ability to develop their practice through 6-month 24/7 studio access along with tailored programming based on their goals and critical documentation of their practice.

2024-2025 COHORTS

Leila Seyedzadeh


Jacqueline Qiu

DECEMBER 2024 - MAY 2025

THAT Open Studio: Justin Han

MAY 4, 2024

Join us on Saturday, May 4 as we are opening our studio door to invite you all to see what our current resident Justin Han has been working on. Stop by and hear from the artist himself in an IRL studio visit and get to know THAT crew! We hope to see you there!

Voices of the Diaspora

MARCH 2, 2024

In an afternoon organized by the Asian American Pacific Islander Arts Network, ARTNOIR, and The Here And There Collective, artists, art historians, and curators discuss the ways that their identity shapes their lives and creative practices.

What They Said

Dominique Fung


… I have been following THAT closely, and their organization is essential and integral in sharing the stories of our diverse Asian diasporic arts community. They are doing important work that will help move the needle forward in our culture and society at large.

Oscar Yi Hou


The Here and There Collective’s studio grant was absolutely critical for the beginning of my career. I remain so grateful for the studio that was provided. It enabled me to continue making art.

Kathy Huang

Managing Director at Jeffrey Deitch Gallery

The Here and There Collective has been essential in building a community of Asian American and diasporic artists, collectors, curators, and art professionals in the art world. THAT is where many of us find support ins haring and furthering our art practices, iniatitives, and exhibitions…

Nadia Waheed


The work that The Here and There Collective does is breaking new ground – they bring together a fractured community of artists from all corners of Asia and Oceania… I do not want to imagine the terrain of my professional artistic life without all that THAT Co. has given to me.

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